We are your Southern Indiana Landscape Company

Landscaping Company Services

We offer a broad range of landscaping services to meet any need you might require. Whether in the back yard or front yard we can dress up your residential or commercial location to impress!


We offer several different colors of mulch, as well as finely shredded or even chips of mulch.


We edge along sidewalks, driveways and flower beds.


We will de-weed flower beds and other landscaped areas of weeds. We can then follow up with weed fabric or pre-emergent to prevent weeds from coming back.

Retaining Walls

We offer different types and styles of blocks. Check with us for the latest styles available.

Shrub Trimming

Keeping your shrubs trimmed, shaped, and looking healthy.

Decorative Stone

We offer a variety of decorative stone for landscaping needs.


We will install or provide plants and shrubs to meet your needs.


We will remove any plants or shrubs that are dead or require removal.


Looking at prices for landscaping? Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote.

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