Lawn Renovation

Sodding Service

We can perform a comprehensive lawn renovation from start to finish here at Walls Lawn Care Service. Our services include grass removal, pulverization, reseeding, over seeding, sod placement, and tiling.


Once the ground has been stripped of existing covering we follow up with the pulverizing process. This process is used to breakup, smooth, and prepares the area for primary seeding.

Sod Service

Depending on your needs you may require grass immediately. We have full sod laying capabilities in house. The picture above is an actual customer we performed lawn renovation and sod replacement.

Slit Seeding

If you don’t require immediate ground cover we can properly replant grass in your yard utilizing the slit seeding method. Rather than sewing grass simply by spreading over the surface of your lawn we plant the seed using a slit seeder. The seeder cuts a slit using a disc and follows by gently compacting the soil. Much like planting corn or any other seeded plant slit seeding ensures the grass seed is planted at the proper depth for maximized germination yield.


Overseeding is one of the most effective ways to improve the quality of your lawn. We utilize a specialty turf renovator machine that is pulled from a tractor. This machine does three jobs in one. Grass seed is pushed into the soil at the proper depth with special barbs. These crevices also function to aerate your lawn. Finally the weight of the machine smooths and rolls the surface as it passes over.

Effective overseeding does require a few special steps:

  • Fall is typically the best time to overseed
  • Not all grass needs to be overseeded
  • Careful seed distribution (turf renovator machine or equivalent)

We’ll be happy to give you a free estimate to overseed.

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