Lawn Aerating
Aerating is the process of punching holes (usually 3-4 inches deep) into
your lawn to allow water, oxygen,fertilizers, and other nutrients to
penetrate the soil and better reach the roots of your grass. Aerating is
usually done by pushing hollow cylinders into the ground and forcing out
plugs of soil to the lawn surface. Aerating can also help in breaking up
the buildup of Thatch in your lawn.
The need for Aerating a lawn generally stems from compacting from
heavy use such as foot, traffic, automobiles,etc... Typically, the more
clay you have in your soil, the more susceptible your lawn is to
compacting. Your lawn requires three elements for survival-
moisture(water), nutrients, and air. When your lawn gets heavily
compacted, its roots get deprived of the air they need to survive and
grow. Additionally, aerating also allows water and nutrients to better
penetrate into the soil and to the grass roots. If you have problems with
pooling of water in your lawn, or are on a steep-slope of grade, aerating
can help to trap the water and absorb it more quickly into the ground.