At Walls Lawn Care Services INC., We provide
many services to help you achieve the full
potential from your lawn. We offer the latest
invention in Mole Control.

Most moles never really come to the surface
although they do leave their signs in the form of
tunnels and mounds. This damage is created in a
mole's relentless pursuit of food... Primarily
earthworms, Yes earth worms. Scientific studies
show that 90% of moles tend to eat earthworms,
and the other 10%eat grub worms and ants.
Moles are insectivores, obtaining  essentially ALL
of their dietary needs from these creatures. In the
process of hunting, moles can tunnel up to 100
feet per day... Causing extensive lawn and
landscaping damage.

Culminating years of ground breaking research
by the world leading in rodent control technology,
Bell laboratories now provides the industry with
the only product on the market proven to kill
moles. One lethal dose has been scientifically
proven to kill mole in 24 hours and Walls Lawn
care has it. Call or Email us today to get in on the
latest mole control product thats sweeping the